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Gázsa-Erdélyi népzene
A "Panek Katié"
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The Gázsa Band goes back to 1993 when it was founded as the orchestra of the Budapest Dance Group by seasoned musicians who already had a long experience in playing Hungarian traditional folk music. The name comes from the nickname of its lead violonist (primás) Papp István „Gázsa”, who was one of the founders of the táncház („dance house”) movement in Transylvania in 1977. The band shows the traditional string orchestra format: violin, viola („kontra”), doublebass and cimbalom (hammer dulcimer), and plays a very rich repertoir of traditional music from Transylvania and Hungary. When needed, first of all during concerts, they are joined by well known singers.

The other members of the band are Péter Árendás (viola), Endre Liber (viola and cimbalom) and Robert Liber (doublebass.) They often have as guests known musicians like the cimbalom players Kálmán Balogh and Dániel Szabó, or the expert of wind instruments Péter Makó.

Besides providing the musical accompaniment for several Hungarian dance groups, the Gázsa Band is also a well known concert orchestra. They have toured not just the European continent but also distant countries like Japan, India, China, Taiwan or Mexico. At the end of their most recent US concert tour they also taught Hungarian instrumental music in a popular summer camp in Michigan.

The band features on many Hungarian traditional folk music CDs and in the last decade has made several individual albums as well, the last two specifically for the above mentioned US concert tour. They are also frequent guests of different dance theater and TV shows and they have been featured even in several motion pictures.