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Gázsa-Erdélyi népzene
A "Panek Katié"
Budapesttől ... Kommandóig

From Budapest to Kommandó

István Papp, widely known by his nickname 'Gázsa', was the best-known fiddler of the Hungarian folk revival in Transylvania in the 1980s. In 1991 he moved to Hungary and became the lead fiddler for the professional Budapest Folk Dance Ensemble. He also founded his new band ’Gázsa’ in the Hungarian capital.

The present recording, which is the second album of Gázsa, takes us on a (folk) musical 'journey' through historical Hungary, from the Uplands (today, part of Slovakia) to the village Kommandó, which is situated where the ranges of the Eastern and Southern Carpathians meet.

A new fiddler has joined the musicians of the Budapest Folk Dance Ensemble from the Uplands recently, and he has 'brought' the music of the village Kürt with him. This is the opening track.

The next stop of the journey is in South Hungary, where some villages are populated by Romanians. Kalotaszeg is a region to the west of Kolozsvár (Cluj) in Transylvania, famous for its Hungarian folk art. The musicians try to show how, in the past, variations of the same tune were played by famous local peasant fiddlers in their own styles.

Gázsa's mother was born in the Mezoseg (Transylvanian Heath), a region east of Kolozsvár. The piece Memory of Home recalls the music of the villages where he often played at weddings and dances in his youth.

Recruiting music from Magyaró (a village in the Maros/Mures region) is famous for its inventive and rich improvisation.

The journey concludes at Kommandó, where every summer lovers of folk dancing meet for a week to learn some gypsy dances of Transylvania. From the beginnings Gázsa has played the gypsy music of Orko here with both his former and present bands.

The long-awaited new album from this highly respected fiddler is sure to be another favourite among lovers of folk music.

(Written and translated by Endre Abkarovits)

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